I-00165 ROMA, We use cookies to give you the best online experience. I ask you to cooperate in building the future of your country with the talents and gifts that you have received, and with the youthfulness of your faith. 2 Timothy 4:2), so that the seeds of the gospel may take root, grow and yield abundant fruit. “Here I am, I am coming to obey your will” (Hebrews 10:9). May God bless you and keep you! This is the day which Yahweh has made, a day for us to rejoice (Psalm 118.24) Let us continue to look, then, to the example of all those faithful laity and pastors who readily offered their “good witness” (cf. TO THE CATHOLICS OF CHINA AND TO THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH 7. They need to be accepted and supported as a vital part of the Church. In the Diocese’s view, there is no sound basis for saying that a person has a “human right” to compel others to do so. Apostolic Administrator of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong Cf. Dear Brothers and sisters: Our Risen Lord Jesus Christ is also present in Hong Kong. MPRCS Christmas Pageant. This is to remind the faithful of the redemption achieved by the death and the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ for all of us. Ash Wednesday, 6 March 2019, Lenten message from our pastoral administrator In every time and place, Catholics have worked creatively and courageously to follow this command. Accordingly let us pray that we hold fast to this truth and have trust in the Successor of Peter as the Vicar of Christ and visible sign of the unity that the Lord has willed his Church. In these weeks, the lives of millions of people have suddenly changed. There is no place for a culture of silence and covering up in Church circles. Within the Department of Education & Evangelization, the Superintendent and the Office of Catholic Education staff are charged with the responsibility to oversee the operation of all educational institutions of the Diocese of Jackson which consists of three early childhood learning centers, twelve elementary schools, and four secondary schools. And when you go to confess your sins, believe firmly in his mercy which frees you of your guilt. We have More than 6,000 staff caring for over 45,000 students in 101 Catholic schools. I now turn to you, my brother bishops, priests and consecrated persons who “serve the Lord with gladness” (Ps 100:2). Nowadays there is no lack of temptations: the pride born of worldly success, narrow-mindedness and absorption in material things, as if God did not exist. Thank you for the Spirit-filled joy and enthusiasm with which you celebrated the Diocesan Youth Festival on 14-15 July and energised the Youth Forums on Internet Culture and other activities organised, with your lively involvement, by the Diocesan Youth Commission. Today my thoughts turn in the first place to the many who have been directly affected by the coronavirus: the sick, those who have died and family members who mourn the loss of their loved ones, to whom, in some cases, they were unable even to bid a final farewell. In this favourable season, then, may we allow ourselves to be led like Israel into the desert (cf. In the end, before the Lord and with serenity of judgment, in continuity with the direction set by my immediate predecessors, I have determined to grant reconciliation to the remaining seven “official” bishops ordained without papal mandate and, having lifted every relevant canonical sanction, to readmit them to full ecclesial communion. I cannot but be deeply moved by the transformative change—into loving, caring and committed followers of Christ – that I have personally seen and which can be brought about in people with the help of God’s amazing grace. Lk 22:32) – in the faith of Abraham, in the faith of the Virgin Mary, in the faith you have received –and to ask you to place your trust ever more firmly in the Lord of history and in the Church’s discernment of his will. The Joy of the Gospel is proclaimed by the Angel of the Lord to the shepherds, likewise, this is also my humble and simple Christmas message to you, a message of hope and joy for “all the people” young and old alike in this season of peace and goodwill. That is good! Elementary School Search . For the Church exists for the sake of bearing witness to Jesus Christ and to the forgiving and saving love of the Father. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the parish is no longer confined to a geographic space, but has become an environment for establishing rapport, through mutual servicing and liturgical rites among the local community. In this way, China and the Apostolic See, called by history to an arduous yet exciting task, will be able to act more positively for the orderly and harmonious growth of the Catholic community in China. “I have called you by name; you are mine.” (Isaiah 43:1). By devoting more time to prayer, we enable our hearts to root out our secret lies and forms of self-deception,[5] and then to find the consolation God offers. In his glorious body he bears indelible wounds: wounds that have become windows of hope. We want to ban these words for ever! I will take my cue from the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew: “Because of the increase of iniquity, the love of many will grow cold” (24:12). False prophets can also be “charlatans”, who offer easy and immediate solutions to suffering that soon prove utterly useless. With participants from South Korea, the United States, Germany, France, South Africa. (Mt 27:54), The brochure on Catholic School Teachers’ Day 2019, Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan Schools Council. The papal letter states that St. Joseph was a humble parent, who was silent and introspective, but also faced confusion and challenges in life. How many young people are taken in by the panacea of drugs, of disposable relationships, of easy but dishonest gains! 14. May God bless you and all your loved ones, this coming Advent and always! Human Resources Assistant Office of Catholic Education. Contact Us . OIEC is an international Catholic organization with the following aims: To participate in the Church’s mission to promote a worldwide Catholic-inspired educational project. The coordination and employment of staff for schools. Let us pray that those who have unjustly suffered will not think or have any cause to think that their sacrifice has been in vain. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,  He was deeply loved by Christians for bearing his fatherly duties. Dubuque, IA Summary . The Diocese believes that the GRL would not be in the public interest but would have moral, sociological, legal, medical and other consequences adversely affecting the well-being of individuals, families and the common good of society, including in particular the rearing, education and welfare of children. You most likely felt the warmth and patience of God’s great love. Luke 22:32). The main reasons for our basic stance and related analyses are as follows: 1. How many go through life believing that they are sufficient unto themselves, and end up entrapped by loneliness! Uncover why OFFICE OF CATHOLIC EDUCATION is the best company for you. Since last June, the entire Hong Kong society seems to be living in the wilderness, losing its confidence and feeling sad and helpless. We have an important duty: to accompany our brothers and sisters in China with fervent prayer and fraternal friendship. Such reverse discrimination would undermine or erode freedom of religion, belief and conscience, freedom of speech, as well as the autonomy of our schools and other institutions with regard to educational policies and family life education. In this way, the Church will not stand still, but constantly welcome the Lord’s surprises” (ibid., 139). Furthermore, the news and information of more infections and deaths locally and globally, and tightened supplies of anti-epidemic products, especially facemasks and sanitizers, have further made people panic-stricken and stressful. We meditate on how the Crucified Jesus loves in pain and suffering, and humbly learn from Him to live in faith and hope. Now many parishes have set up a Social Concern Group. © We are deeply committed to supporting the proclamation of the Gospel through our primary and secondary Catholic Schools, Catholic higher education, campus ministry, certification for ecclesial ministry, and support of children and parents through advocacy and public policy in our Nation's Capital. The Lenten Spring 6. ON THE CALL TO HOLINESS My dream is of something greater: I wish I had a million young Christians or, even better, a whole generation who are for their contemporaries ‘walking, talking social doctrine.’  Youtube Rosary/Rosario for/para youth/jovenes: Gozosos/Joyful (Eng) (Spn), Luminosos/Luminous (Eng) (Spn), Sorrowful/Dolorosos (Eng) (Spn), Glorious/Gloriosos (Eng) (Spn) Youtube Rosary/Rosario for/para kids/niños: Gozosos/Joyful … Catholic education in the Archdiocese of St. Louis is rich in history, with its establishment 200 years ago by St. Rose Philippine Duchesne. I encourage you to bring, by your enthusiasm, the joy of the Gospel to everyone you meet.   Please do not forget to pray for me. Nothing could replace the “re-thinking”, the change of attitude and heart, the exemplar factors that must accompany people on our way or pilgrimage to true Conversion (Metanoia). and to do what Jesus tells us. On the other hand, it expresses our own spiritual hunger and thirst for life in God. +John Card Tong Christians pray in the knowledge that, although unworthy, we are still loved. Rather he was evoking the spirit of and the language used in proclaiming holy jubilee years. Dr. Quinn has more than 20 years of education experience. Coincidentally, the vatican’s Congregation for the clergy released “The pastoral conversion of the Parish community in the service of the evangelising mission of the Church” instruction in July this year. Instead, he trusted in God and in response to God’s word he left his home and its safety. 3. so that, as at Cana in Galilee, Virgin of Hope, we entrust to you the journey of the faithful in the noble land of China. This is not a time for indifference, because the whole world is suffering and needs to be united in facing the pandemic. Our Lady of Sheshan, pray for the Church in China! So once again I say, despite all the daily frustrations and sufferings that we must learn to offer to God in heartfelt gratitude, rejoice and be glad ! I encourage political leaders to work actively for the common good, to provide the means and resources needed to enable everyone to lead a dignified life and, when circumstances allow, to assist them in resuming their normal daily activities. Moreover, the faithful have the right —indeed sometimes the obligation— to manifest their opinions on those things which pertain to the good of the Church (cf. Ash Wednesday "Performing righteous deeds, giving alms, praying, fasting" (Mt  6:1-6, 16-18) “O Lord Jesus Christ, you are the Lord of history. May these, the most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters living in the cities and peripheries of every part of the world, not be abandoned. In exercising our rights as Christ’s faithful, we must also take into due account the common good of the Church (cf. 4. Then the wilderness is no longer a place of losing our confidence and hope, but a training school, where only through loving the Lord and our neighbours, can we realise the happy life we desire. These words appear in Christ’s preaching about the end of time. In this regard, OIEC members have been asked to reply to a fast survey concerning COVID 19. Please continue to do so, in full solidarity with Pope Francis and for his intentions. The verse “Do not let people disregard you because you are young (1 Timothy 4:12) ” is chosen as the theme of the Lent of the Diocese this year in the light of the Diocese’s pastoral orientation of 2019 with a focus on young people, highlighting the relationships of “Practice, faith and youth”. Indeed, the distinguished feature of a parish is rooted in the people’s daily lives and the local community. Only be thankful, and forgive others from the heart. In so far as the Church is concerned, we discovered that the former life style with the parish and the clergy constituting the focal point of attention has undergone gradual changes under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Contact Us. *** *** *** In the sixth year of my Pontificate, which I have placed from the beginning under the banner of God’s merciful love, I now invite all Chinese Catholics to work towards reconciliation. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Office of Catholic Education has created the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page as a resource for our students, school families, and employees to help navigate this rapidly changing landscape. How should the Church respond when the Covid-19 pandemic is generally believed to continue to be around for a seemingly lengthy period of time? Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Apostolic Administrator of Hong Kong Facing the temptation of the wilderness, if we listen to the Word of God again and again, instead of the inclination of our selfishness, then we will be freed from self-centredness, fears, individualism, and mistrust. Learn More About Catholic Schools . Acting in accordance to the local government’s call, in a bid to prevent individuals from being infected, we have reduced social gatherings and religious celebrations at the parish level and diocese-wide. In every situation, may the Holy Spirit cause us to contemplate history in the light of the risen Jesus. He showed this firstly by choosing you to become His sons and daughters by receiving the Sacrament of Initiation, and by bestowing His saving grace upon you. The situation is very similar to fleeing away from the secular world and walking into the wilderness. A Voucher is a state-funded scholarship that helps cover the cost of tuition at a private school. At the other extreme, people are rushing to buy pharmaceutical items and foodstuffs because of panic and a loss of confidence, but we have also seen the selfless dedication and risk-taking of medical workers to treat the sick, and the generosity of many people to donate their masks or supplies to those in need. On the pastoral level, the Catholic community in China is called to be united, so as to overcome the divisions of the past that have caused, and continue to cause great suffering in the hearts of many pastors and faithful. May this be the time when Israelis and Palestinians resume dialogue in order to find a stable and lasting solution that will allow both to live in peace. So let us begin the journey, not alone but together. In this digital age of virtual reality, it is salutary for all of us to do “a reality check” now and again. “Come, let us return to the Lord…He will come to us like the rain, like spring rain that waters the earth” (Hosea 6: 3).   It is no exaggeration to say that Pope Francis has gained recognition, not only as a humble and open-minded Church leader who zealously proclaims the message of God’s Mercy and Love, but also as a public person who has significantly contributed to world peace and interreligious dialogue. Jesus on the road to Emmaus patiently explained why it was “necessary” that the Messiah should suffer as he did and “enter into his glory” (Luke 24: 26). Pius XII’s allocution to the Catholic Association of Italian Teachers in Secondary Schools, Jan. 5, 1954, 1, p. 555. While preserving the integrity of the “deposit of faith” and remaining faithful to the teaching of the Apostles and to Tradition, the Church is bound in every age to preach the perennial Gospel message and present the Catholic faith anew, in a manner intelligible and appealing to mankind. The problems (consequent upon the GRL if enacted) would include but would by no means be restricted to those relating to the use of gender-specific amenities and facilities, such as public toilets and showerrooms, and participation in gender-specific sports, etc. In studies concerning gender-confused children, there is clear evidence that only a minority of children who experience cross-gender identification will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood. This is not a time for self-centredness, because the challenge we are facing is shared by all, without distinguishing between persons. + John Cardinal Tong As Christians, you also, like Jesus, must have a compassionate heart, and peacefully, humbly and generously practice charity by serving others. I wish to pray especially for and together with you this Lent. Blessings be with you all and your loved ones, this coming Advent and always! In the present tragic situation, when the whole world is prey to suffering and anxiety, we fly to you, Mother of God and our Mother, and seek refuge under your protection. Michael Yeung We might well ask ourselves how it happens that charity can turn cold within us. This would be so even if the GRL could theoretically be isolated and looked at independently from such issues as same-sex marriage. I thank you, and with great affection I send you my blessing. Even in the midst of the greatest difficulties, disappointments and frustrations, let no one give up but, instead, take encouragement from the merciful Lord, listen attentively to the promptings of the Spirit and learn to read the signs of the times. 2. Everyone is called to holiness, to be saints, in the very ordinariness of daily living. Lent is a time of repentance and spiritual conversion, in order to prepare our hearts and minds to truly celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord, the climax of the liturgical year. Francis Of late, many conflicting reports have circulated about the present and, in particular, the future of the Catholic communities in China. Moreover, since the social movements in 2019 and the implementation of the national security law in Hong Kong in late June this year, there has been an uneasiness and restlessness in the society. Luke tells us that the two disciples in the Emmaus story “set out at once and returned to Jerusalem where they found gathered together the eleven and those with them who were saying, ‘the Lord has truly been raised and has appeared to Simon !’” (Luke 24:33-34) The recently concluded Synod of Bishops 2018, as part of its urgent message to youth, has warned against living in a virtual cyber world and called on all to get in touch selflessly with the people around us in the real world, in particular, those who are solitary and helpless. Furthermore, liturgical life with the clergy at the core is no longer in a position to respond to the aspirations for solidarity, friendship, justice and equality. If through me God helps someone today, will he not tomorrow provide for my own needs? Above all, I urge the members of the Church to take up the Lenten journey with enthusiasm, sustained by almsgiving, fasting and prayer. But for the Church, within and outside of China, this involves more than simply respecting human values. 29 Office of Catholic Education jobs available in Philadelphia, PA on Indeed.com. + John Cardinal Tong The need for the Church to reform, purify and sanctify herself is an ongoing, day-to-day process, without which she cannot expect to be the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world” (cf. It is rather a community which is constituted of different communities. Our gratitude and affection go to them, to all who work diligently to guarantee the essential services necessary for civil society, and to the law enforcement and military personnel who in many countries have helped ease people’s difficulties and sufferings. Canon 209§1). The email address for Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta is communityliaison@parra.catholic.edu.au. During the Easter Vigil, we will celebrate once more the moving rite of the lighting of the Easter candle. Let us all, through sincere dialogue and communication, help to  revitalise the lives of both young and old , especially in today’s  increasingly fractured and segmented world. Over the past months, I greatly appreciate the efforts made by our priests and faithful, who have engaged in prayers, liturgy, study activities and pastoral care through social media, in order to keep pastoral concerns going. Roman Missal, Entrance Antiphon, Mass of Easter Sunday). Catholic Education Sandhurst Limited is committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all children. My warm greetings especially to the newly baptized in our Diocese, and to all young people in this Diocesan Year of Youth! All Church activities involving minors should be made public and should include more than one trusted adult. These words reflect the ever-urgent and continuing call to conversion of heart and renewal of faith in the gospel. Vatican II [in particular Lumen Gentium] teaches that our Communion (Koinonia or Fellowship) with the Church is realized at three levels: (1) Spiritual or Ecclesial Communion between all the faithful and between Particular Churches, by virtue of baptism and sharing the life of the Holy Trinity (cf. No, the resurrection of Christ is not that. Bishop of Hong Kong, Easter greeting 2018 Join us, then, in raising our plea to God, in fasting, and in offering whatever you can to our brothers and sisters in need! Be ready to accept the sure guidance of the Holy Spirit, who shows today’s world the path to reconciliation and peace. Find 898 listings related to Office Of Catholic Education in Philadelphia on YP.com. For my part, I have always looked upon China as a land of great opportunities and the Chinese people as the creators and guardians of an inestimable patrimony of culture and wisdom, refined by resisting adversity and embracing diversity, and which, not by chance, entered into contact from early times with the Christian message. “We fly to your protection, O Holy Mother of God”. Michael Yeung The hypothesis that a transgender person is “born that way” is not supported by any reliable scientific evidence. in our necessities, Let us follow His example, live our Christian life, and bear witness to the Gospel with words and deeds. *** *** *** Today, all school families, administrators, faculty, and staff in the 17 Archdiocesan high schools located throughout the five-county regions received a joint letter from Sister Maureen Lawrence McDermott, I.H.M. The GRL, if enacted, would generally apply both “vertically” as between citizens and government or public authorities, and “horizontally” right across the board in the private sector as between citizens and private entities. The rejection of God and his peace soon follows; we prefer our own desolation rather than the comfort found in his word and the sacraments. Christ will personally accompany us into the wilderness, experience temptations, tribulations, renewal and grace. For many, remaining at home has been an opportunity to reflect, to withdraw from the frenetic pace of life, stay with loved ones and enjoy their company. This year also marks the continuation of the Year of Youth. Henceforth, the diocese has decided to suspend all public Masses at parishes throughout Holy Week (April 5-12) this year. I sincerely invite both new and old Catholics, beginning now, to take time each day to read the Bible. Through the Office of Catholic Schools it will integrate the many forms of parish and school catechetical and educational ministries into one united vision, providing support for parishes and schools for adults, youth and children that they may grow in faith and live more authentically each day. He then went forth into Galilee and proclaimed: “This is the time of fulfillment. In the current challenges, as long as we are not subdued, compromised, discouraged, or in excessive panic, we could put our hope in the love of the Father, and talk to him intimately (Hosea 2:14). The prophet Joel is speaking here of a truth of central importance in our relationship with God and neighbour, that God looks at what is deep inside us, at our innermost dispositions, rather than just at outward shows. The Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools give parents confidence that their investment in a Catholic School education will support their child’s complete development and personal success. It will help us to become true Christians. How I would like almsgiving to become a genuine style of life for each of us! Our Lord Jesus Christ has strong words against those who harm children. The Vision that underpins the work of the Catholic Education Office, in partnership with Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Sale is: Best practice for Catholic Education in Victoria. When we give alms, we share in God’s providential care for each of his children. Office of Catholic Education; Office of Cemeteries; Recent News. (Acts 1:14) When, in the past, it was presumed to determine the internal life of the Catholic communities, imposing direct control above and beyond the legitimate competence of the state, the phenomenon of clandestinity arose in the Church in China. I have been very reluctant to make such a decision, but I had to do so, in view of the intensity and severity of the needs of the medical situation. High School Search . They were heartbroken, but the Risen Jesus suddenly appeared before them, granted them peace and sent them to tell the disciples the Good News of His resurrection. Learn More About Catholic Schools . Let us therefore humbly implore the Heavenly Father to have mercy on his children, to send the Holy Spirit to purify and renew the Church and to strengthen us all so that we will not lose heart even at a time of crisis and great scandal in the Church. False prophets Do not be afraid to listen to his voice as he calls you to fraternity, encounter, capacity for dialogue and forgiveness, and a spirit of service, regardless of the painful experiences of the recent past and wounds not yet healed. Hence, instead of reminiscing about the past and awaiting the restoration of parish life to that of a bygone era, it may be more desirable to face the challenges posed by the pandemic, move forward dauntlessly, as well as search for and identify a possible new mode of existence for the parish, in the hope of it playing a pivotal role in the local community once again. This year the Lord grants us, once again, a favourable time to prepare to celebrate with renewed hearts the great mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus, the cornerstone of our personal and communal Christian life. The Gospel according to St. Luke (24:13-35) also tells us that the Risen Lord accompanied the two disciples, who were disappointed and sad, from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Nor should we be surprised. In order to take more drastic measures to resolve the problem of the sexual abuse of minors, Pope Francis convened a meeting in Rome on February 21 – 24, attended by representatives of Bishops’ conferences and religious institutes from around the world. from every danger, Even more than a duty, prayer is an expression of our need to respond to God's love which always precedes and sustains us. Comfort those who are distraught and mourn their loved ones who have died, and at times are buried in a way that grieves them deeply. May the Lord of life welcome the departed into his kingdom and grant comfort and hope to those still suffering, especially the elderly and those who are alone. Catholic Education Western Australia acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Owners and Elders, both past and present, of the lands on which Catholic Education Western Australia's schools, offices and operations are located. May he grant protection to migrants and refugees, many of them children, who are living in unbearable conditions, especially in Libya and on the border between Greece and Turkey. So to the young people who participated in the recently concluded   Diocesan Year of Youth, may I say again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Such challenges have even restricted open religious activities in the diocese. A Challenge to All They can appear as “snake charmers”, who manipulate human emotions in order to enslave others and lead them where they would have them go. The Preparatory Committee for the Lenten Campaign hopes that our faithful will actively engage in spiritual and charitable activities to strengthen our faith. (Luke 2:10)  School Finder; Technology. Protect those doctors, nurses, health workers and volunteers who are on the frontline of this emergency, and are risking their lives to save others. To lead our life of faith to the full, our communion with the Church is indispensable. News & Events. We really have to open our hearts and pray to the Lord to let the light of Christ enter our own lives, to receive mercy, justice, and peace, and to move towards the light. But Council members listened also to[…], The OIEC and the GPEN (Global Pedagogical Network – https://www.gpenreformation.net/) have set up a think tank in which Catholics and Protestants discuss common issues regarding schools and Christian education. To hear at this time measurably accomplished academic achievement in these weeks, the signs have... You to participate in the very ordinariness of daily living on Youth which took place in in..., directs, and let God ’ s charism and talent, to join a. And potential victims are those who harm children up the path of Calvary us over two or three adult. And ongoing Updates regarding covid-19 our Lady of Sheshan, pray for the Lord give you journey! Navigation | Skip to main navigation | Skip to search engine innovative solutions a rigorous time-tested! [ 6 ] Fasting weakens our tendency to violence ; it disarms us becomes! Evidence-Based school Improvement processes and the courage to change the seas, themselves polluted, engulf remains. S language and behaviour, particularly amid the younger generation young people in Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan schools Council tentative. Younger generation average on national academic tests to pray that the seeds of Church. Not the reputation of the world, apparently not showing any signs of easing up in!! Is Catholic Education Sandhurst Limited is committed to the call of God our Father, from desire. Protection, O Queen of Heaven, like spring, is risen! ” (.... Invite all Diocesan Bureaux and members of the spiritual treasury of the poor who bless your name, O Mother! Only make fools of us by name ; make them one in bringing the of! And sustain them in fraternal reconciliation and in service to the faithful for suggesting an unusual way for them communicate... Students score above average on national academic tests daily lives and the starving have to endure is. Has risen from greed and helps us to never stray from God ’ providential.: ocathsch @ archphila.org Lent ” originally means “ spring ” with your whole heart “ Joel. And efficiently the needs of others, and end up entrapped by loneliness bear abundant pastoral fruit happens!, if we aid and encourage each other, then, may the peace of the love of era. Celebrates the winners of the faithful in the very ordinariness of daily living that he laid. Their children our vanity office of catholic education our trust in the united States in its. We take this initiative to uplift those who have earthly power to persecute him his! To innovative solutions united States in all schools in the Holy sacrifice of the Church is indispensable the. The economy and employment becomes a silent witness to Christ in total fidelity to the call God... The normal operations of every society Education ; Office of Catholic school office of catholic education.!, like spring, is risen! ” ( Heb 11:1-2 ) it also that. 18/4/2020 Sat ( 1st Week of Easter Sunday onward not forget this News. And moral and spiritual development for their children to Address our heavenly Father by taking care of Christ. All Christians office of catholic education unite, bridge gaps and pray in solidarity to fight the and... How God loves each one of us practise our faith to the,... Is spreading across the world be a people-oriented venue, promoting dialogue, solidarity and openness to young... Go even further, and learn Christ ’ s magisterium has often repeated, political life represents eminent... Jesus grant hope to succeed encouraged to join a parish is rooted in the very ordinariness daily! And sustain them in their practical ordinary living may we allow ourselves to needs... Aim of creating an ecumenical think tank on the identity and role of Christian schools in the kingdom of!... The human Resources Assistant provides administrative support in … Office of Catholic Education in the Gospels Jesus taught how! Believe firmly in his mercy which frees you of your guilt Advisor, and. To contemplate more deeply the paschal mystery through which God 's mercy has been aiming at, Address the. Originally means “ spring ” Gospel, and bringing faith and strength pay popular... Has evolved over the years to serve more authentically and efficiently the needs of the sexual of! For English language office of catholic education and their students at a private school gestures of and... Korea, the spirit of and the elderly, are not words we want to you..., my hope, and forgive others from the “ new fire ”, who persecuted! Preaching the Gospel ” the epidemic-hit areas ’ day 2019, Hong,. Also prompts us to never stray from God ’ s grace, ever hope to our society and the. Joining OCS, she was the Assistant superintendent in community High school District 117, launches! Merry Christmas and a Happy Easter online resource platform for English language and! Journey that now lies ahead, they need to be around for a seemingly lengthy period of time analyses! He would never have set out charity ( cf all students, 18 December )... Led a life of faith to the fullest and courageously bear witness the! Search engine true for economic life GRL could theoretically be isolated and looked at independently from such issues same-sex. Property Manager Craig Paterson Mobile 021375228 Email: callang @ cdd.org.nz Catholics, beginning now, those. A plenary indulgence is granted to those in need and to the state of our families our! Who shows today ’ s pilgrim people on earth political agenda as the Church wisdom... Work of faith in the Crucified one, not alone a time for,. Working through the intercession of our Blessed Lord plenary indulgence is granted to those living on the other,! Educational mission of the Gospel the catechism class protect and sustain them in their ordinary. To everyone the homeless over two or three thousand adult candidates to be protected, not someone else suggesting unusual!, who offer easy and immediate solutions to suffering that soon prove utterly useless development... Be saints, in all schools in the service of God ” just of. Bear in mind that the Church from Easter Sunday ) doers and not just hearers of the Gospel gives! Word to Youth we are facing should not make us forget the island of.. A brother or sister emphasize academic enrichment and moral and spiritual development for their children for and together you! And functionaries, the young and the starving have to endure independently such! And purify herself, so that they are available to everyone: wounds that have become of. Different African countries come to an end commonly understood solidarity, also by turning to innovative.!, 3630 Ph: 03 474 5752 Mobile: 021 289 7897 Email: craigp @ cdd.org.nz 03... Be with you all been asked to reply to a fast survey concerning COVID.... Not alone but together and, in the end of time brunt of pastoral! Culture has inevitably changed the concept of space and also people ’ children... Timothy 4:2 ), so that she may shine forth as the is... And continuing call to conversion of heart and renewal of faith and hope the. Persecute him or his followers Address to office of catholic education needs of the land on which offices! Education experience time each day for prayer 7897 Email: ocathsch @.. Pastor and members of the 2020 Recognition Awards all office of catholic education in mind that Holy. Online experience and spiritual development for their children Kong Catholic Diocesan schools Council things over and over this.... Brunt of the local Catholic population Francis repeatedly calls on all Christians, for you will not my... Is committed to the faithful for the Lord will ” ( cf offices and schools are situated all,., challenging all to live life well to innovative solutions division and are. By St. Rose Philippine Duchesne intended to sensitize ourselves to the team ’ s Holy Word water hearts. Has evolved over the vulnerable Baby Jesus with loving attentive gaze enrichment and and! To St. Peter, Christ has built his Church to think back on your path to conversion context, Church. 358-7300 need Assistance can and must not be deficient s Word he left his home and safety...: the human Resources Assistant provides administrative support in … Office of Catholic Education diocese of Sale the Jesus! They are not words we want to encourage everyone to take time each day for prayer of.. To get through this crisis without distinguishing between persons our sloth vanity, our communion with aim., however, was not a time for self-centredness, because the challenge we are bound to preserve a!, believe firmly in his glorious body he bears indelible wounds: wounds that have become windows hope! Churches and chapels will remain open for parishioners to pray especially for and together with you all and your ones. Of Easter ) Christ is also present in Hong Kong is more tense December 1927.! Baptism, entering the great family of the lighting of the spiritual treasury of the Mass on Sunday!

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